QMex Quality Management SaaS application implemented in six countries

Quality management systems have an important role to play in the recent acceleration of the digitization of all business processes, delivering products and services quickly and providing a seamless user experience. More than 90 companies from 6 countries, mainly active in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, have chosen QMex as their provider of software and digital solutions for quality management applications.

PARIS, September 23, 2022–(BUSINESSWIRE)–The digitization of quality management systems, which play a key role in consumer purchasing decisions and provide audit certainty for regulatory compliance, has accelerated. In a survey of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, 56% of consumers expect companies to have already digitized their quality management systems.

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QMex Quality Management SaaS application implemented in six countries

Nadi Tanca, IT Manager at BTS, developer of QMex quality management software, said: “Companies today work to build trust, and in an era where trust is the primary currency in business, managing of quality has become an essential function for all companies”.

“Quality management software offers competitive advantages”

Explaining that digital quality management systems can help companies gain competitive advantage, Tanca went on to explain how QMex enables companies that have good manufacturing practices (GMPs) in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, cosmetics, and dietary supplements digitize their quality management systems. “With QMex, customers can run their quality management systems in accordance with international standards such as GxP, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Data Integrity, ISGE GAMP. QMex ensures that manufacturers can pass FDA, MHRA, EU and WHO inspections. »

The quality management software sector is expected to reach USD 16.67 billion

QMex is preferred by more than 90 companies in 6 countries because it guarantees that its quality management process is completely transparent and secure. According to GrandviewResearch, the size of the quality management software industry will reach USD 16.67 billion by 2028. Tanca added: “QMex has an exceptionally flexible modular structure, which can be seamlessly integrated into business applications to provide optimized solutions, secure and customizable solutions that are stable and flexible at the same time. We are proud to say that since 2011, BTS Bilişim has helped more than 200 customers on their digital journey.”

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