Quinté of Saturday September 24, 2022 in Auteuil: the predictions

Find Dominique Cordier’s predictions for the quintet on Saturday September 23, 2022 in Auteuil, the Violon II Prize. Departure at 3:15 p.m.. Obstacle race. Disability. Listed breed. 4,400 meters. 16 starters. Horses 5 years and older.

This quintet is a bit like “Meetings of the Third Kind”, with good horses returning, 10 of the 16 competitors unseen since June at best, and a few others making big debuts at Auteuil, plus a race that serves as preparation for the important Prix Montgomery. In short, it will bleed!

Apparently our favourite, the 10 starks it offers many guarantees, not the last being the form of the workforce on which it depends and its own regularity. our last minute 12 Motu Fareone, is in the same case. In addition, this now six-year-old mare, winner of this demanding course in May, has never passed 5th place in 10 public starts.

Excellent in the second test, the 8 Hope RustIt probably has some margin. Born in the purple, he can aim for a place on the podium. 5th, although he had a bit of bad luck in the final phase in a fifth at Clairefontaine this summer, the 13 Rovanto It starts in Auteuil, but you should be able to succeed in this challenge. With good odds, needless to say…

The Predictions:

10. Stark
12. Motu Fareone
8. Royal Hope
15. Classic Raffles
4. Mathan Malbec

The last minute:

12. Motu Fareone

Results for Thursday, September 22 at Vincennes:

For having made the strong in the descent, the RTL favorite ended up far away and without resources. The last minute is good 3rd in a fifth of outsiders. One of more…

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