Rodolphe Belmer in front of TF1: When the cover reproduces it “Spirit of the channel”

The league reform was dissolved. This Friday, a week after abandoning the cover of its merger project with M6, the TF1 group announced in a press release that it had chosen Rodolphe Belmer to take the helm of the first private audiovisual group. Therefore, he will succeed Gilles Pélisson.

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Ara Aprikian recovers Yann Barthès in 2016

With the arrival of Rodolphe Belmer at the head of its group, TF1 continues its transformation into a PAF neo-“Canal+”. Because for several years, the cover has multiplied the capture of former emblematic figures of the encrypted channel. Former director of the Canal+ stream division and architect of Cyril Hanouna’s success at D8 (now C8), Ara Aprikian left the encrypted channel group, in reaction to a maneuver aimed at firing him in 2015, during the acquisition of the Vivendi group. , controlled by Vincent Bolloré.

He then returned to TF1, in February 2016, as TF1’s new program director, appointed by a certain Gilles Pélisson. In his new role, he began the “channeling” of the front page by recovering within the TF1 group in September 2016 Yann Barthès, son of the “Grand journal”, and his team of the “Petit journal”, an itchy spectacle from Canal +. . This is how TMC “Quotidien” was born, which today has a series of audience successes on access.

Alain Chabat, historical member of Les Nuls, will soon be daily on TF1

A few months after Ara Aprikian’s departure from Canal+, it was another leader of the group who was in Vincent Bolloré’s sights: Xavier Gandon. Former director of programs and antennas for D8 and D17 since 2012, he made the decision in March 2016 to leave the Canal + group. And a few months later, in May of the same year, he found Ara Aprikian, his former boss, on TF1. Today, Xavier Gandon is director of the TV and digital antennas of La Une.

And to further mark the “Weather Channel” on TF1, it is a flagship face of “Nowhere else” who left his luggage in April 2018 in the group of the subsidiary of the Bouygues group: Alain Chabat. A member of Dummies, revealed on Canal +, the actor has revived his cult show “Burger Quiz” on TMC, fourteen years after his time on… Canal +. The actor does not stop there since he will soon premiere a daily box on TF1: a late-show every day at 11pm.

Soon “The Spirit TF1”?

To this list is now added the name of Rodolphe Belmer. A strong marker since he spent 14 years on Canal +. He also carried out numerous projects there during his time at the head of the group: purchases of foreign series, development of his own series with the “original creation”, launching of meetings such as “Le grand journal” with Michel Denisot and, among other things, the conservation of football rights. Without forgetting his vision of the new platforms, with his presence on the board of directors of “Brut”, a video medium founded by Renaud Le Van Kim, Roger Coste, Guillaume Lacroix and Laurent Lucas, all of them former pillars of Channel +. Now at the head of the leading private audiovisual group in Europe, it is Rodolphe Belmer’s turn to create “L’esprit TF1”.

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