Romain Bardet: “Evenepoel was above all”

Absent from the French team for worlds since 2018, where he finished second, Romain Bardet He gave everything for the blue collective. Present at the race in a supporting role to the main French charts, alaphilippe, Cosnefroy either The door, we saw the native of Brioude very early in the front. From Mount Keira, more than 200 kilometers from the finish line, with an accurate attack. Then, when the racing got tougher, about sixty ends of the line, the climber on the DSM team followed the blow thrown by Quentin Patcher with about twenty runners. He then tried to score on her panties for as long as possible. Remco Evenepoel, but in vain. Once across the line, she spoke into the microphone of our classmateseurosport.

Video – Bardet couldn’t do anything against Remco Evenepoel

“An unexpected second place but that we take with great joy”

“We wanted to toughen up pretty quickly, that’s what we did with Pavel. (Sivakov), who had a great race. Then there were four of us in a group of 25, I tried to dial Remco (evenpoel) as long as possible, I went there three or four times, but after a while it took ten meters, which I could never block. It was much stronger anyway, it was just to try to make it not take too many fields so we could fall behind. From there I waited for my friends to come back from behind and finally they reached 100 meters, I couldn’t believe it, because we weren’t going up front, we knew victory was coming. It was an unexpected second place but one that we took with great joy”.

“It’s a great generation, great guys, we had a lot of fun”

“I think Remco was a little bit above everyone today and second was the best place we could get. Personally it’s a race I enjoy, I had a great week with everyone, we really shed today. Those are moments we love in a race. , because it is a great generation, great guys, we enjoyed it a lot and although it was a bit unexpected, to have Christophe’s medal (The door) In the end, it is a great satisfaction”.

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