Sara Mortensen said goodbye to a very popular series: she had shot her last scene without knowing it…

Heroine alongside Lola Dewaere of the series Astrid and Raphaelwhose last episodes of season 3 air tonight on France 2, sara mortensen had been revealed to the general public in Better life, a flagship program of the group. But on June 11, 2019, the one who had played Coralie Blain for seven years learned of her expulsion from the series.

According to her, this election, which had been very badly received by public opinion, had been made due to her busy schedule. “This year has been busy for me, I have worked a lot on other fiction. The production of Plus belle la vie needed me this summer but, for personal and professional reasons, I couldn’t“, he explained at the time. If the production had initially considered pretexting a coma of his character to justify the absence of the actress and wait for her return, he finally decided to thank her.

Is rare

At the last moment, I received a phone call and they said: ‘You will not return to Marseille’. Without knowing it, I had shot my last sequence the day before.“said Bruce Tessore’s partner. A decision “very rushed” according to her, even if she could understand it. “I sent an email explaining that, constrained and forced but head held high, I was off on new adventures.” she added.

“We had no other choice. I am the first disappointed with Sara’s departure. We know how much Coralie and the Bommel family owe Sara. We knew it was going to be a problem, but there was no other option.” the producer had explained for his part. The important role of him in the new series of the time. Astrid and Raphael (France 2) was one of the reasons for his unavailability which therefore became an eviction.

It should be noted that the actress had also badly digested the production’s decision to replace her with another actress. “After seven years, it’s rare. I didn’t even find out about the production, someone called me to say it “, she repented

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