Sasha Nikolic speaks for the first time since the death of her father Filip de 2be3

On September 16, 2009, singer and comedian Filip Nikolic died of a drug overdose. His ex-girlfriend, Valérie Bourdin, evoked the memory of him and for the first time, his 17-year-old daughter Sasha spoke about his father…

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The choruses of 2Be3 marked an entire generation. In the midst of the Boy Band wave, frank delay, Adele Y Philip Nikolic they formed one of the most emblematic groups of the late 90’s. The three boys provoked true scenes of hysteria with each of their appearances. Once the fashion had passed, the trio broke up in 2001. Filip Nikolic then embarked on an acting career. He notably appeared in the series Navarrese beside roger hanin. But on September 16, 2009, dies after excessive intake of sleeping pills, at the age of 35.

Filip Nikolic’s ex-wife had already spoken

Since the disappearance of Philip Nikolic, thirteen years ago, tributes are common on the web. In the last few days, his partner Frank Delay had a thought for him. on the occasion of his birthday posthumous. Valérie Bourdin, 53, cannot forget the artist who died of a drug overdose either: they met in 1998 and her love story lasted until the spring of 2009. Together, after a forced abortionthey become parents to a daughter, Sasha, born in 2005, now followed by more than 41,000 people on Instagram.

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“When you lose your dad at three years old, you don’t realize it”

In 50′ inside this September 24 and for the first time Sasha Nikolic spoke on television, to salute the memory of his father. “Unpublished” images of Filip Nikolic have been revealed and in this new program the journalists have gone to meet the singer’s daughter for an interview in total privacy. The young woman spoke about the death of her father and the period that followed. “When you lose your dad at three, you don’t realize“Confesses Sasha Nikolic in front of the camera. In addition, she remembers it very well. On the day of the funeral, the little girl is not really aware of what is at stake.Honestly, I didn’t know what we were doing.“Says the teenager. It will be two months before Sasha lets the tears flow. At this time, it is her mother Valérie Bourdin who tells it. Her daughter was sitting on her sofa listening to music. “I think he was listening to his father.“, she said moved. When she sees her daughter crying, she asks what is going on. Sasha then replies: “but i miss daddy“.”I started my mourning when I was 12, 13 years old… That’s when I told myself I don’t have a father (…) We were really very close“, confesses who, like his father, sings and plays music.

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