Science Festival 2022: Science Village and Escape Game at École Polytechnique

By Graziella L., Cécile D. Posted September 22, 2022 at 10:32

École Polytechnique opens its doors to us for the Fête de la Science on October 8, 2022. In the room, a scientific village and many other fun activities are offered to publicize scientific research.

started by him Ministry of Higher Education and Research in 1991, the science fair celebrates this year its 31st edition! This event, organized in various cities in France, allows the general public to discover scientific fields in a friendly atmosphere. the saturday october 8 2022the Polytechnic School gives us an appointment to meet scientists and discover their profession, through Recreational activities and interactive.

This year, École Polytechnique is thinking big and offering many activities to make visitors aware of science and research progress, including lectures, visits to laboratories, the science village, but also an escape game on the theme! of the light! Friday October 7 is reserved for schoolchildren.

About the program of the science festival at Polytechnique:

  • The Science Village

Located in the main hall of l’X, a Science Village will welcome adults and children around 16 stands, animated by researchers from the 23 laboratories of the School. Several main topics will be covered: climate and energy, digital technology, optics, biology, mathematics, chemistry and mechanics.

An Escape Game, developed by the Laboratory for the use of intense lasers, will allow the use of light in all its facets, with family or friends.

  • Since lab visits to discover and understand the day-to-day life of researchers, engineers and technicians
  • Since conferences about the weather, the sun, RNAthe higgs boson Where right about genetics for discover and discuss with researchers about current scientific topics
  • A exposition on energy in the context of climate changeme
  • A show pedagogicalaee interactive (a from 12 years), to discover the plasmas
  • A science cafe on photovoltaic solar energy in France

think of you check in to participate in the activities of your choice: the number of places may be limited. A great opportunity to celebrate science in style, again this year!

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