Secure Code Warrior Introduces Encryption Labs

The industry’s first experiential learning mechanism that enables developers to write and test code in a fully optimized in-browser development environment.

SYDNEY, September 22, 2022–(BUSINESSWIRE)–secure Code Warrior, world leader in developer-centric security, today introduced Coding labs, a new mechanism that makes it easier for developers to go from learning to applying secure coding skills and thus limits vulnerabilities in the code. This is the first time that a dedicated coding platform has enabled real-time coding in a browser-based integrated development environment (IDE).

Until today, to get a more direct experience of real-world coding training, developers had to rely on virtualized setups that were sometimes difficult to use and unfamiliar, and led to less applicable learning experiences. Coding Labs allows developers to not only save time and eliminate distractions, but also have more options to suit their different learning styles, while making it easier to go from theory to practice.

” Us have observed that 40% of developers feel their current tools and resources don’t provide enough hands-on training. We set out to radically change that context,” said Pieter Danhieux, co-founder and CEO of Secure Code Warrior. “Coding Labs enables developers to train in an environment that simulates the way they work, which in turn enables them to write secure code with confidence. This is the future of vulnerability mitigation.”

Secure Code Warrior’s unique step-by-step learning approach instills confidence in developers to hone their secure coding skills and shift left in their software development lifecycle to add value to their business. The hands-on training and intuitive guidance that developers have come to appreciate in the company’s learning platform also applies to Coding Labs. Accessible on the platform through its library of training solutions, Coding Labs enables developers to write Code real-time at your own pace in familiar IDEs and receive real-time feedback that verifies the acquisition of the necessary skills, which avoids creating security vulnerabilities in your code.

Secure Code Warrior customers can preview Coding Labs today by speaking with their account manager. To see a demo of Coding Labs, register for our next webinar Product Talk: Roadmap and Vision, which will take place on October 5. To learn more about Coding Labs, visit

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Secure Code Warrior creates a culture of security-minded developers by giving them the skills to code securely. Our flagship learning platform offers relevant skills-based paths, hands-on assignments, and contextual tools that enable developers to quickly learn, build, and leverage their skills to write secure code at high speed. Founded in 2015, Secure Code Warrior has become a staple for more than 450 companies, including leading financial services, retail, and global technology companies around the world. visit the site

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