Serge Aurier and Alou Diarra react to the marabout episode

Quoted by Mathias Pogba in his latest videos about the marabout consulted by Paul Pogba, serge aurier and Alou Diarra, contacted by The teamdismiss the accusations against them.

In new videos posted on his Twitter account early this Friday, Mathias Pogba says that your “Brother Paul has been a follower of witchcraft for several years” and that the Juventus international midfielder (29) has “well paid” the services of a marabout named Ibrahim, whom he would have paid “more than 4 M— for some “mystical services”. In particular, they would have consisted of “cast spells repeatedly” to the footballers“including the prodigy Kylian Mbappé, either out of jealousy or to win a match”.

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In his lengthy pre-recorded account, Mathias Pogba (currently on trial and in custody) custody) says that the one he describes as “Wizard” it is “known as the marabout Ibrahim, called ‘Grande’, close to Alou Diarra, who would have known him thanks to Serge Aurier”. Even according to the older brother of the Blues star, “Grande” would be a “Teams 5 secret partner”the complex of Alou Diarra futsal (41 years old) in Roissy-en-France (Val-d’Oise), in which he said “marabito-sorcerer” I would have invested.

serge aurier

“I am a Muslim and I pray to God, not to the marabout! »

Asked this Friday if he knew the marabout Ibrahim well, the former Blues international midfielder (44 national teams) responded with a series of emoticons from laughter to tears, adding that he ” [n’était] never in his soccer complex 5”. “I do not personally know Paul Pogba and his entouragehe continues. They are not of my generation. Then [je suis] very surprised that my name is mentioned by Pogba’s brother. »

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As for Serge Aurier (29 years old), when we ask him if he also knows Ibrahim ”Grande”, he explains that he is “Muslim and [qu’il] pray to God, not to the marabout”. “Call me for good, funny, funny thingsadds the Ivorian international defender from Nottingham Forest. Family stories that border on madness, go talk directly to the Pogba family or whoever proclaims them”. Also requested, Me Yassine Bouzrou, lawyer for Mathias Pogba, did not respond. Like Rafaela Pimenta and Enrica Tarchi, who represent the interests of Paul Pogba.

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