“Skweek” new broadcasting platform for Euroleague and Eurocup

A new sports streaming platform was born on Tuesday. In this case European basketball. Your name ? “Skweek”, referring to the sound of shoes screeching on the floor. After acquiring EuroLeague and EuroCup rights for France and Monaco for the next four seasons, Fedcom, a company owned by Aleksej Fedoriscev, owner of AS Monaco Basket, launches Skweek. Starting October 6, the new platform will broadcast more than 450 European Cup matches per season. Your subscription will cost €7.99 per month (7-day free trial), or €69.99 for the annual pass (with introductory offer at €49.99 until October 31).

A clear window every day

However, the EuroLeague and the European Championship wanted to offer a clear window for some matches. That is why the platform will offer a Euroleague match or a Eurocup match for free every day. A co-broadcasting deal with a free-to-air channel could also be closed in the coming days for a parallel television broadcast.

“All 450 matches will be commented in French by a team of recognized presenters and consultants, says Oleg Petrov, CEO of FedCom Media. To do this, we recruited the best like David Cozette and Stephen Brun. » For the Monaco and ASVEL matches, the new platform has also chosen consultant Ali Traoré, as well as Julie Yalap and Charlotte Sauvaget for the pitch. The other meetings will be commented on by the journalists Maximilien Le Liard and Niels Onimus and the consultants Pape-Philippe Amagou, Simon Darnauzan and Cédric Ferchaud.

“The number of basketball fans in France is large, but most of them follow the NBA! The goal is to make them go from the NBA to European and French basketball.

Oleg Petrov, CEO of FedCom Media

Skweek will offer live and replayed matches, training schedules, reports, and promise behind-the-scenes access to competitions. Finally, the newcomer to sports broadcasting in France promises that subscribers will be able to access Skweek on their smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and computers.

If an amount of 5 million euros per season circulates for all rights, Oleg Petrov categorically denies: “this information is incorrect, it is much less, you can trust me”. And the CEO of FedCom Media does not want to give his target number of subscribers either: “We are self-financing, there is no loan and stress to monetize quickly. Our interest is to stay for many years. Mr. Aleksej Fedoriscev was a partner (sponsor) of the AS Monaco football club for 25 years. Now it’s basketball, maybe we’ll be here for 25 years too. (smile). The number of basketball fans in France is large, but most of them follow the NBA! The goal is to make them go from the NBA to European and French basketball. »

Currently under contract with beIN Sports on a salary basis, French basketball sees the appearance of a new player, a priori with ambitions. “The Federation and the French Basketball League will be able to verify that we are a serious and strong partneranswers Oleg Petrov. In any case, on our side there is an interest”.

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