some used vehicles are priced higher than new!

published on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 12:15

The second-hand market has seen its prices explode in recent times, to the point of also affecting the car, he says. the parisian. A rare phenomenon that could last, even if the situation tends to stabilize.

The second hand market is booming.

saturday september 24, the parisian he notes that prices there have risen 20 percent in the last eighteen months. More surprising still, the phenomenon affects even the automobile sector, where certain used vehicles sometimes cost even more than the same new model. Certain cars, such as the Dacia Sandero or the Duster, are particularly affected. “The threshold effect is favorable to them, because the starting prices of new vehicles are low“, explains to the newspaper Laurent Potel, CEO and co-founder of Reezocar, a used car sales platform.

Among the most eloquent examples is that of the Peugeot 208. Excluding options, its cost amounts to 23,220 euros in 2022 for a new model. For a Peugeot 208 that has already traveled 6,000 kilometers, you will have to pay 23,490 euros, or 270 euros more. Even with 35,000 kilometers on the clock, it will only cost 22,390 euros, just 830 euros less than its new version. The difference is even more spectacular for a Dacia Sandero, which will cost 15,590 euros new, compared to 17,687 euros used if it has traveled 16,000 kilometers. The Renault Clio, for its part, costs 21,750 euros if it is new, and 30 euros more after having traveled… 10 kilometers.

Other factors play in favor of certain vehicles, such as their eligibility for Uber’s renewal policy, or their hybrid nature, popular with those who drive in Low Emission Zones (EPZs). But it is another explanation that is used by the actors in the sector to explain this explosion in the prices of used vehicles. “People who buy a used vehicle at the price of a new vehicle are offered immediate availability. Because otherwise it’s a year of waiting“, explains Éric Champarnaud, co-founder and partner of the firm C-Ways, specialized in mobility.

Won’t the price drop before 2024?

Indeed, the Covid caused the closure of the factories of the manufacturers and the paralysis of their production lines two years ago. More recently, the various shortages, in particular of semiconductors, have greatly complicated the production and sale of new vehicles, which have therefore become a scarce commodity. The individuals then decided to turn to the second-hand market, details the parisian. A trend that companies and rental companies have also followed.

Will this rise in second-hand prices continue? Olivier Flavier, Vice President Motors of Leboncoin, wants to be reassuring and evokes a recent stabilization. “This is because we arrive at the price again, precisely, at a glass ceiling that cannot be broken permanently, and also most models do not manage to break it at all.“Prices may even end up falling, but only around 2024.

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