soon a treatment for glioblastoma?

Glioblastoma is the most common brain cancer in adults. American researchers may have found a cure for this brain cancer.

Every year, approximately 2,400 new cases of glioblastoma are diagnosed in France according to figures provided by the Roche laboratory. In general, the average life expectancy of patients is 15 to 17 months with a five-year survival rate of 5%.

Scientists have discovered that circadian clock proteins, which control the natural rhythms of the human body, may be involved in the growth and proliferation of this tumor. Thus, they identified a small molecule drug, under the name of SHP656, capable of targeting these proteins. The latter could be effective in treating the disease. “This is a potent molecule that we are excited about in terms of its potential implementation against glioblastoma.rejoiced Professor Steve Kay of the Keck School of Medicine of USC. These findings were published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”

Clinic tests

In the vast majority of patients, the cancer returns. And when it comes back, it resists chemotherapy and radiation.“, Professor Kay explained. According to him, this phenomenon certainly occurs because a small number of “cancer stem cells“They are left behind after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These stem cells can multiply and spread very quickly in the body. In a statement, the researchers report that “Cancer stem cells hijack the body’s circadian clock machinery, allowing them to spread faster and resist the effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.Therefore, this new drug would make it possible to regulate this phenomenon and effectively treat this cancer.

Clinical trials are underway, the scientific team hopes to start the phase in glioblastoma patients within two or three years.

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