State aid for the purchase of new bicycles will be extended in 2023

State support for the purchase of bikes new electric or not was going to finish by the end of the year. Finally, the aid will be extended in 2023: good news for the French who were thinking of investing in a bicycle, and who were perhaps waiting for part of their thirteenth month or bonus to take the step. Clement BeauneDelegate Minister for Transport, announced to our colleagues in France informationFriday, September 23, that the purchase aid will continue until well into 2023.

The bicycle plan, “endowed with 250 million euros in 2023”, announced by Matignon on Tuesday, September 20, will therefore be used to finance infrastructure and secure parking, but will also help individuals in the purchase of new bicycles electric or non-electric, because there is “an appetite for bicycles”, the minister pointed out.

Specifically, you can benefit from a bonus for the purchase of a new non-electric bicycle that can reach up to 150 euros, set at 40% of the price, if your tax income per share is less than or equal to 6,300 euros. , or if you are disabled. If you buy a new electrically assisted bicycle, you will be able to benefit from the assistance, although reserved, for the majority, for people with low tax reference income and for people with disabilities. Thus, you can receive a maximum of 400 euros, or 40% of the purchase price, provided that your tax reference unit income is less than 6,300 euros, or if it is (…)

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