Stellantis will pay a good bonus to its employees

French employees of the company Stellantis will be entitled to a boost to fight inflation. Automaker Stellantis, a merger of PSA and Fiat-Chrysler, will pay up to an extra 1,400 euros in October to most of its French employees to tackle inflation but will not raise wages, it told AFP on Tuesday, after of a final meeting with the unions. The group, which is posting excellent economic results, will pay 1,000 euros of “value distribution bonus” to its employees who earn up to twice the Smic, or 60% of the workforce, including temporary workers. Those who earn more than double the minimum wage will receive 500 euros.

All employees will also have the possibility of monetizing up to 3 days of RTT, that is, 400 euros on average for a worker and 600 euros for a manager. “The proposals made by the management and shared with the social partners allow us to increase the purchasing power of our employees above inflation”, underlined Bruno Bertin, director of human resources. by Stellantis in France.

Strikes had multiplied in recent days at the group’s factories (ex-PSA) in Hordain, Douvrin, Trémery or Valenciennes, to demand measures to improve purchasing power, while the salary of the group’s general manager, Carlos Tavares, it had “shocked” even Emmanuel Macron. FO asked”a significant exceptional bonus“, while the CGT demanded (…)

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