Stellantis will pay an additional 1,400 euros to its employees

Strikes had multiplied in French factories to demand measures to improve purchasing power.

Stellantis will pay an extra 1,400 euros on average in October to most of its French employees to deal with inflation, but will not increase wages, the car group told AFP on Tuesday after a final meeting with unions. The group, which has recorded excellent economic results, will pay 1,000 euros of “value distribution bonus” to its employees who earn up to double the Smic, or 60% of the workforce, including temporary workers. Those who earn more than double the minimum wage will receive 500 euros. All employees will be able to monetize up to 3 days of RTT, or 400 euros on average for a worker and 600 euros for a manager.

Strikes had multiplied in recent days in the French factories of Stellantis, in Hordain, Douvrin or Valenciennes, to demand measures to improve purchasing power. The CGT requested in particular a general increase for all of 400 euros per month as well as a purchasing power bonus of 6,000 euros. Beyond salary issues, the issue of working conditions also fueled employee anger, with non-working days decided at the last minute due to supply problems.

Other handling tips

Stellantis management also proposed to the unions on Tuesday an agreement on early release of participation and profit sharing, and mandatory annual negotiations (NAO) that would start in December 2022 for the following year. In February, the NAO 2022 resulted in a 3.2% overall salary increase package.

All the unions had refused to sign this agreement, considering the gesture insufficient in view of the company’s record results, and despite the granting of a profit-sharing premium of 4,300 euros on average. The total sums paid in 2022 for purchasing power support represent up to 1,965 euros, Stellantis noted. Renault offered a bonus of 500 euros, as well as the possibility of monetizing three days of RTT with a 25% increase.

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