Stéphane Freiss, Gérard Depardieu, Sandrine Rousseau… Francis Veber does it all

five years later A pet, Francis Verber come back with the whirlwind, a new play that he directs from September 22 to November 6 at the Théâtre de la Madeleine in Paris. The director surrounded himself with Philip LelloucheAlice Gaillot, Stephane Metzger and Catherine Murino for this new project in which four characters stand out: Norbert, a policeman who is facing the general inspection of the police for brutality; his wife Sophie, a hairdresser by profession; Éric, a depressed journalist, and Christine, Éric’s wife and Norbert’s sister. In full promotion of his new work, Francis Veber, who does not have the language in his closing, knocked out several personalities, including famous actors with whom he rubbed shoulders.

“He never drank from my buds again”

After talking about his childhood, his years in the army and his long career, the one who “I prefer the theater” mentioned his friend Gerard Depardieu, which he directed in five films. The director stated in the pages of the newspaper thathad threatened the actor with leaving a shoot if he continued to drink. Either Nick Nolte it’s not worth Depardieu, they had a common quality, Way of speaking, they were the same bags. When I threatened Nolte not to guide him anymore, he calmed down. Depardieu too. I have said to him : ‘If you keep drinking, I’m leaving‘. She never drank from my buds again. which is a privilege.” As for Stephane FreissFrancis Veber did not mince words in his words about the French actor, whom he had directed in the play A pet in 2017. According to him, this piece was “bad“, as was Stéphane Freiss”.My last piece was bad. A pet, was lost. I realize that, unfortunately. In addition, the distribution did not attend me. Stephane Freiss, I don’t want to speak ill of him… well, I started. But beyond that, I admit, it was not a good idea for the actor to talk to a goldfish.

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This little entrance to Sandrine Rousseau

A political personality also took him for his rank. and it’s about Sandrine Rousseau, one of the figures of Europe Ecology-The Greens. The octogenarian remarkably returned to the statements that the deputy had made about barbecues. “I leaned those grotesque imprecators that we find among the ultras, both on the right and on the left. Sandrine Rousseau who says that we make virilism with the barbecue, is constantly that. I try to show our precious ridiculous U.SHe explained.

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