television will soon no longer be the only one delivering massive audiences to advertisers

Will we witness a race to the advertising market of Netflix Y +the two leaders of transmission, to the detriment of television? Having long refused to open up its platform to ads, Netflix is ​​steadily accelerating the launch schedule of its ad-supported formula, now scheduled for November 1, according to several US outlets, to roast courtesies to Disney+. announced for December 8.

“These launches will create the largest premium ad space in over a generation,” said Dallas Lawrence of Samba TV. “It’s going to be an important moment for advertisers.” “Not long ago it was said that subscription was going to kill advertising,” recalls Kevin Krim, CEO of EDO. “Today, we can clearly see that it was not true.” The mana is considerable. Insider Intelligence’s Ross Benes estimates that streaming ad revenue could hit $30 billion in two years in the US alone, and likely at least twice that globally. So far, the market has been crushed by YouTube, which is currently claiming $28.8 billion in revenue in 2021.

Competitors with a DNA closer to that of Netflix and Disney, such as Peacock (NBCUniversal), Paramount+, HBO Max or Discovery+, have already launched a version with advertising, but none is the size of the two giants: 220 million euros of subscribers for Netflix. , 152 million for Disney +. (…)

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