Tensions between Moix and Dechavanne, Mélenchon’s departure… What to remember from the premiere of the new show by Léa Salamé

Yann Moix in front of Christophe Dechavanne in “What a time!” in France 2 Screenshot / France 2

VIDEOS – On Saturday night, the France Inter journalist and matinist took her first solo steps at the helm of France 2’s new weekly talk show called “At what time!”

I’m happy to see you again and a little scared too“. Around 11:30 p.m., read salami took control of “Quelle époque!”, France 2’s new Saturday night talk show that replaces “We are live”, broadcast for two years by Laurent Ruquier. The decoration has changed slightly, more welcoming and bright than before. The host, dressed all in black for the premiere, is in the center of the round table, her guests sitting on either side of her, facing her, in duck-colored velvet chairs.

The driver does not hide her nervousness, like the one who is named as her “permanent guest”, Christophe Dechavanne. For her premiere, the France Inter matinist had invited a friend, yann moix, they met in “No Lies” when they were both columnists. With Jean-Paul Rouve, model Cindy Bruna and Nicky Doll, the atmosphere is friendly on set. Christophe Dechavanne immediately notices the presence of the actor Jack Russel who reminds him of Adeck, his faithful companion seen in “The Wheel of Fortune” and “A Golden Family”. As the dog climbs onto the brand new table, Dechavanne thinks of his daughter, present in the audience. “It will hurt, he grew up with Adeck“, he confesses.

Who says presence of Yann Moix, says unusual or even controversial sequence. Viewers witness a tense exchange between Dechavanne and Moix as the former asks the latter about his last controversial television outing where the writer shared his desire to see his family die. “Is it normal for your child to eat feces? Is it normal to leave your child alone in the forest for 4 hours in winter at 3 in the morning? Is it normal for your child to sleep naked on the balcony at 3am in November? Is it normal to hit your child with an electrical cable?“, justified Yann Moix, mentioning the violence his parents suffered when he was a child. thanks to the shine Philippe CaveriviereDirector of Podium smiles again. “Aren’t we waiting for Ruquier?“The comedian blurts out upon arrival before joking about Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Rare enough to be underlined, Yann Moix laughs to tears.

Salamé’s touch is in both shots of the evening, beginning with the first speech by Laurence Ferrari since assuming his disputed position at the head of the political department of paris party . In front of her colleague, the former TF1 news presenter denies being a “Bollore Girl“, and said to have introduced himself as one”journalist among journalistswith the weekly newsroom. “I see very little of Vincent Bolloré, just like I saw little Martin Bouygues when I was on TF1“, he assures.

“The slap was a year ago, there hasn’t been one since then”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Adrien Quatennens

Second blow, and this one more anticipated, the coming of Jean-Luc Mélenchon who, for the first time, was going to speak about the Quatennen case and explain his tweets that were poorly perceived by public opinion. If the boss of La France insoumise says “accept criticism“, he continues to defend the one who was his number two. “The slap was a year ago, there hasn’t been one since. I want him to return to politics“, he declares, boiling Christophe Dechavanne but also Cindy Bruna and Nicky Doll who challenge him in turn.

The rendering of this first one is finally successful. If at first Christophe Dechavanne tended to isolate Léa Salamé and the guests, these clumsy interventions have faded away. When the ex-host of “Coucou c’est nous!” Mélenchon’s cuisine becomes relevant. As for Léa Salamé, she shows an aspect of her personality that only those around her know about her: her relaxation.

Some are already comparing the program to “We can’t please everyone”, a Marc-Olivier Fogiel program on France 3 in the early 2000s and “Everyone talks about it”, Thierry Ardisson’s cult program broadcast between 1998 and 2006. It remains to be seen if “What a time!” It will have the same longevity. In any case, the curiosity effect is undeniable. There were around 1.1 million viewers, or 17.4%, gathered on Saturday night in front of the small screen between 11:35 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.

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