The 10 highest salaries in French football this season 2022-2023

France football salaries

The players of the France team are all millionaires in the season. Some rare ones are also monthly.

As reigning world champions, for a few more weeks, or longer if you like, the players of the French soccer team belong to the best paid of discipline Better, with Kylian Mbappé extended this summer by PSG, the Blues have the number one in the world, this season 2022-2023. recently detailed by New York City Timesthe Bondy native’s contract is the largest in the history of the round ball.

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Mbappé new French and world number one on salary

Excluding various bonuses, signing, performance or ethics in particular *, Kylian Mbappé is close to a salary of almost 5.5 million euros gross per month. This is more than most of the players around him in the France team earn during a full season. Except, in particular, for those that accompany it in the top 10 summarized in images, in the slideshow above. All those who make up this ranking are international, with more or less possibilities, depending on the state of each one, of going to Qatar for the World Cup.

Two players from PSG and two from Bayern in the 10

You have to earn a minimum of 750,000 euros gross per month to be in it, like Adrien Rabiot at Juventus in Turin, or Presnel Kimpembé at PSG. The French champion club has two representatives in the 10th, as do the German champions, Bayern Munich and Juventus, in Serie A. On average, a player in this ranking is close to a salary of 1.7 million euros gross per month . That is to say the equivalence of Raphael Varane, in Manchester United.

* In the top 10 only the gross monthly estimate of the fixed part of the salary is taken into account

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