The 10 technological professions whose salary has increased the most in 2022

The talent shortage is increasingly being felt in the IT sector. Cybersecurity, “big data”, environmental engineering are areas in strong development that need technological profiles. Thus, “after a 2020 complicated by the health crisis, the IT hiring market has been on the rise since 2021. The demand and hiring of qualified profiles has rebounded, as have wages, which exceed pre-crisis levels” , observes Thomas Baverel, director and founder of Silkhom, a recruitment company specializing in IT professions, which has just published its barometer 2022 about compensation in technology*.

But not all trades in the sector have experienced the same levels of salary increases. To help you see more clearly, Silkhom has selected the 10 professions whose remuneration has increased the most between 2021 and 2022. As expected, we find different developer profiles, headed by the SAP developer (named after the German software). But other positions of responsibility, although already well paid and logically not accessible to inexperienced profiles, also appear in this top 10 with the highest salary increases in tech. This is the case of directors and security managers of information systems, or even scrum masters, who supervise a team of developers for a specific project, without (…)

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