“The absolute horror”: Laurence Ferrari supports the alleged victims of PPDA

Invited to the set of Quelle epoque this Saturday, September 24, Laurence Ferrari has agreed to speak about the Patrick Poivre d’Arvor case. The journalist thus gave her support to the alleged victims and denounced an “absolute horror.”

A terrifying affair. About some months ago, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor it is subject to multiple allegations of rape or sexual assault which he categorically denies. In total, some thirty women accuse the former presenter of the TF1 JTs of having behaved inappropriately with them. In June 2021, a preliminary investigation opened after the testimonies of 23 women, was dismissed by the Nanterre prosecutor’s office, due to prescription, for “absence of a punishable crime” or “insufficiently defined crime”. A second investigation is opened after seven new testimonies.

And this Saturday September 24 lorenzo ferrari, who replaced PPDA at the head of the 20 hours of TF1 in 2008, agreed to talk about this sordid business. Guest on the set of the new program of France 2, what time, the journalist was interviewed by Léa Salamé to find out what message she wanted to send to the alleged victims. “What do you think of all these women accusing him of rape and sexual assault? There’s Hélène Devynck’s book that came out this week. I saw you retweet it. She was asking me if you supported her.the talk show host asked. “Obviously I support Hélène Devynck, who I know and who I have met in my professional life.”responded Laurence Ferrari, before adding: “I support all these women. It is absolute horror what they tell us. We could never have imagined what was going on behind his office door..”

Laurence Ferrari: “what they describe is absolute horror”

Could you never have imagined it? You do not know ?”Léa Salamé immediately bounced. To which her guest replied categorically: “never”. “First of all, I never really worked on the TF1 editorial team when he was there because I replaced him.”said the presenter of end line. The latter wanted to conclude by having one last thought for the alleged victims and insisting on the terrifying testimonies they recounted: “what they describe is absolute horror, it is predation. I stand behind all these women and give them all my support and respect.”

The gruesome story of a former PPDA colleague

This Friday, September 23, one of the women who denounced the conduct of PPDA, helen devinckpublished an amazing book, entitled Impunityin which he collected the testimonies of the presenter’s alleged victims and delivers the details of the violation of which he is accused. “Like me, several dozen women believed that time had made our sentence of silence obsolete and possibly that of our aggressor, one of the most famous men in France”, the former journalist wrote in particular. And to add:That’s not what happened. We were fired without further action. But Our loneliness bubbles have burst. We met, we told, we supported. We take the short ladder to overcome the walls of discouragement. We speak louder, more numerous”

In an interview with Le Monde, Hélène Devynck had described the rape of which she was allegedly a victim and which allegedly occurred in 1993 at the home of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, when she was his assistant. “I gritted my teeth and held back tears. It was really humiliating. I had no choice, otherwise I would no longer work.”she recalled, explaining that, when she wanted to break off her collaboration with Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, he “got upset and cruel, and went and told the whole newsroom. [qu’elle était] nil”. In his book, the author describes in detail the chilling aggression. He threw himself on top of me, one hand on one breast, the other trying to get under an elastic band of my panties, his tongue in my mouth., she writes, as Le Point reports. […]. It entered his penis, a very narrow penis. She came and went a few times, not much […]. She ejaculated muttering vaguely. […] I didn’t say a word. She rubbed against an inert body. She made him cum. I was nobody I was that nothingIn her book, Hélène Devynck also denounces the silence of TF1 and that of justice. Despite everything, the journalist also relates the immense solidarity that has been formed between the alleged victims of PPDA, who spent long evenings together: “We are about sixty denouncing the same man, hoping to expose all the machinery that forced us to do what we did not want, and then silence it.”.

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