The broadcast of 12 noon on TF1 in a very bad streak! The reasons.

For some time now, it seems that the TF1 group has not stopped exasperating netizens. The latter recently expressed their anger at the 12 noon shots.

A change for 12 noon chimes

This Monday, September 19, TF1 made a big change in its programs. The reason ? The channel broadcast the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Therefore, the fans did not have the opportunity to review the 12 noon shots.

the ranking of shots at 12 noon

However, most viewers never miss their date with Jean-Luc Reichmann. But this Monday, they really had no choice. This Tuesday, September 20, the 12 noon shots returned to the channel.

A joy for the fans who were eager to see the show again. On the other hand, they got a very bad surprise. TF1 decided to run two advertising pages during the show. An unusual thing.

And for good reason, the 12 noon shots are always cut off by a single ad. But the chain decided to make a change. And the least we can say is that netizens didn’t appreciate it.

On social networks they said: On the other hand, if #Les12CoupsDeMidi puts on two commercial breaks, it’s no good. But also 20 minutes of advertising today… that’s it inflation !

Others added: We have two commercials during the program, today is a joke. Just kidding… more advertising but that’s inflation.

angry netizens

Since Tuesday, the program Les 12 coups de midi has always been interrupted by two advertisements, much to the chagrin of the spectators. However, the latter have noted that there is no longer any advertising between the game and the television news.

Previously, TF1 only ran one ad during the 12 noon shots and another at the end of the game show. Now there are two ads. within The Jean-Luc Reichmann show and no cuts before the 1 pm news

A change that is not appreciated at all. On social media, several netizens have even threatened to leave TF1 because of the competition. Namely France 2. It may well be that Laurence Boccolini wins back some viewers.

The 12 chimes of the noon repetition.

On Twitter, Internet users said: Two commercial breaks in 12 Coups de midi is one break too many. I think you better watch Everyone wants to take their place in France 2 with Laurence Boccolini.

This is a joke? They kept sending the ads. at the beginning of the showIt makes me want to watch the show even more. Goodbye at 12 noon chimes. I’m tired of ads. Hello Everyone wants to take their place.

Disorders between the group TF1 and Canal +

Other netizens add: So, are we there? Two commercial breaks per program since yesterday… It’s really unfortunate. I zap this time, it’s over. But also Well, it was not a mistake, the two cuts settle.

So, it’s confirmed, TF1 is out, which will brighten Laurence Boccolini’s day. who does for now the resistance. Nothing to do with removing royalty, so it’s serious.

12 noon chimes

One thing is certain, netizens are very upset with TF1. In addition, those who have Canal+ no longer have access to the group’s channels. Therefore, they can no longer see the 12 noon shots.

As a reminder, the TF1 group and Canal+ failed to reach an agreement for the renewal of their contract!

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