The chilling testimony of Yann Moix last night on France 2: “Is it normal to make your son eat excrement, burn his books, leave him for a week without eating, hit him…” – Video

Yann Moix was one of the guests of Léa Salamé’s new show on France 2 last night: “Quelle époque”. He was questioned by Christophe Dechavanne about his recent comments about his family.

Guest on L’Heure des pros on CNews, the writer repeated last week all the bad things he thought about his family:

“I hate the family, Yann Moix launched sharply. I consider that a family meal is already the beginning of incest…” And to insist: “I want the physical death of my entire family, except my grandmother. It is not It’s a joke, the family is like a madhouse, it’s not because you have the same blood and the same DNA as inside, there are no serious dysfunctions, there is hatred, jealousy.

There are loving families, there are. But it’s funny, because as soon as we think something intimately and don’t share an opinion with the whole population, it becomes provocation… That’s what I really think, without provocation, and in the first degree. »

In Léa Salamé, Yann Moix explained why he made such comments by uttering chilling phrases:

“Do you want to talk about it? Is it normal to make your child eat excrement? Is it normal to leave your child alone in the forest for 4 hours in winter at 3 in the morning? Is it normal to make your child sleep naked in soil?” balcony at 3 am in November Is it normal to hit your child with an electric cable Is it normal to burn the book your child just bought in front of him Is it normal to not feed him for a week, slap him every two hours? more examples?

So not only do I want them dead, but if it could happen in 5 minutes, it would suit me even more…”

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