The Chinese appoint a female CEO, but it is an artificial intelligence

news hardware The Chinese appoint a female CEO, but it is an artificial intelligence

A Chinese video game company has just appointed a female virtual robot to run its largest subsidiary. If that sounds absurd, it probably is a little. However, the company seems happy with its AI.

A company run by artificial intelligence

Except for communication, one can ask the question: “why appoint an AI in charge of a video game company? But according to a statement from Net Dragon Websoft, Tang Yu, this virtual female robot can “improve the quality of work tasks and improve the speed of execution.”

The company sees it as a way to make more rational decisions for everyday actions. That still doesn’t explain why she made her CEO. Looking further, one discovers that it is also about ensuring a fairer and more efficient workplace. Her role as CEO therefore allows her to make decisions on equality. But suddenly, why have personified her as a woman, if the goal is precisely more equality? To this question, we do not have the answer.

This is not a metal and plastic robot, but of an artificial intelligence personified as a female robot.

We are gradually transforming into a metaverse-based community of work, which will allow us to attract a much broader base of talent around the world and put us in a position to achieve more ambitious goals.

The goal is really to take everything the metaverse has to offer and build an entire business within it. Being able to manage the operation of the company from A to Z directly into the virtual world seems to be the goal of Net Dragon Websoft. Ultimately, it’s about better performance management and money savings for the company.

We learn no more about the concrete operation in the metaverse. The goal seems above all to make employees one through virtual reality and artificial intelligence. A world where the virtual takes a more important part than the real.

This is where one must ask oneself if this is really the world one wishes to return to. Even if the advantages seem numerous in terms of ease of management and decision-making, are we willing to let artificial intelligence take precedence over our choices? It is certainly just a framework for today’s work, but nothing prevents extending it to everyday life in the future.

Especially since China is among the leaders in virtual reality and the metaverse. Multinationals, such as Tencent, for example, are investing millions in the sector and file a large number of patents every year.

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