the cost of the drought should reach a record in France

Are we headed for a record? The damage to buildings due to drought episodes observed in France in 2022 should cost insurers between 1.6 and 2.4 billion euros, potentially the most expensive year for this type of event, according to figures published this Thursday by the federation of insurers. In fact, this year could exceed the 2,120 million euros recorded in 2003, the worst year in terms of drought since the creation of the “Natural Catastrophes” regime in 1982. In any case, it should be more expensive than 2018, until ‘now in second place with damage estimated at almost 1,500 million.

And again, this estimate only includes localized damage in municipalities whose natural disaster status will be recognized, and which will then be considered as consecutive to the drought. It does not take into account damage to crops, which will be covered by crop insurance.

Concretely, la sécheresse, in succédant à un ériode d’humidification, feeds the phenomenon of retrait-gonflement des sols argileux (RGA) que touche une bonne moitié du territoire métropolitain, et se translation par des mouvements de terrain de nature à destabiliser les fondations houses. In France, around 54% of single-family homes are located in areas with medium or high exposure to AGR. And 3.3 million homes, or about 16% of the total, are located in high-risk areas.

Due to global warming,[…]

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