the director Francis Veber without a filter on a star of French cinema

This Wednesday, September 21, Francis Veber was the guest of Flavie Flament within day D in RTL, where he reviewed his memories of filming with Pierre Richard, with whom he collaborated on numerous occasions. The actor starred The Tall Blond with a black shoeand its sequel The return of the tall blonde in the early 1970s, for which he was a screenwriter. Then the actor was chosen Toythe first film directed by Francis Veber, then in The goat, friends Y the fugitives in the 1980s alongside Gérard Depardieu.

If he is faithful to him, Francis Veber is no less effective with him. “Pierre Richard is a cheapskate, obsessed with sex and erotomaniac. But I’m still friends with Pierre! But I lived with extravagant scenes of Pierre“, he said into Flavie Flament’s microphone. Remember, for example, that on the set of The goatthe latter “has arrived with a girl she called Amor. And Amour was playing the girl… It was complicated because, well… Pierre was a little older than her. And in the morning, they both played at breakfast. And she said, ‘Does she want to tuture on her cake? Oh yes, she wants tuture in her biscuit!’ And of course, we arrived quite tense, Depardieu and I“.

A few days later, the two lovers went even further: “I was with Love in the makeup room and there was a curtain. And we were doing Gérard Depardieu’s makeup, but he was romping in the back, which caused Depardieu to stick the makeup brush in his eye. And he was yelling, ‘Are you finished, you bastards?!’Francis Veber, who already told these anecdotes in his autobiography Let it stay between us in 2020, he assures that the actor does not blame him for revealing all this to the general public: “When I say that in my memoirs, it’s the truth, it’s funny, and Pierre supports it very well.“.

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