the dispute that can explain the great crack of the Bleuets against Poland

Le Parisien evokes an electric precedent between France and Poland at the origin of the chaotic end of the Bleuets match on Sunday, with four expulsions.

Les Bleuets would have naively fallen into the trap of stupid and perverse provocation. This is the explanation given by a player from the France under-18 team in the columns of Parisian. The young blues led by Bernard Diomède lost their cool during the Limoges international tournament on Sunday, against Poland. Quatre joueurs français ont ainsi été expulsés en seconde période, alors que le score était de 2-2 à la pause, entraînant l’arrêt pur et simple de la rencontre (ndlr, une rencontre ne peut se poursuivre if a team goes back to 7 on the terrain).

Gestures, spitting, insults…

The very aggressive behavior of some players, starting with the young Stéphane Darnell Bile, author of a violent tackle followed by a header inflicted on an opponent, shocked and tarnished France’s image. According to information from the Parisian, there was a dispute between the two teams, which dates back to a meeting of the Euro Under-17 in Israel. A game in which seven to eight players from each of the two teams that met this weekend participated last May. Since the presentation of the teams on Sunday, the tension, the electric atmosphere, was already palpable.

“The Poles provoked us with gestures, spitting and insults,” a French player told the Parisian. I’m not sure this is enough to convince coach Bernard Diomède to show leniency: “For some, there may not be a return to the France team because they have to understand things,” said the former international after the meeting at the microphone. from France. 3. Others had a good attitude at the end of the game, they tried to calm the game. We must coldly analyze those who behaved well and those who behaved badly. As a coach I will sanction the players that I have to sanction.”

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