The Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 on Android, is possible with this app

A developer offers an Android version of the already famous Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Criticism is raining down on Apple’s iPhone 14. Not revolutionary, too expensive, camera has bugs. We will say what we want about the latest smartphones from the Apple firm, but there is something new that everyone wants: dynamic island, a new type of notification bar. The latter is already being emulated by Android developers. A regular contributor to XDA Developers has already coded a small island equivalent of the iPhone 14 Pro for Android devices. The app is called’s free (pro version is paid) and ad-free.

dynamicSpot allows all Android smartphone users to enjoy the same experience as Android smartphone owners.iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. It will cost you infinitely less, because let’s remember, an iPhone 14 Pro costs at least €1,329 in France, while the Jawomo app costs only €3.99 or nothing if you don’t want to take advantage of all the extra features.

dynamicSpot offers more customization than Apple’s Dynamic Island

Although the app is still in beta version, it is already fully functional. The developer fully listens to users and will gladly receive all feedback on the dedicated XDA forum. We note with pleasure that dynamicSpot is easier to customize than the original Dynamic Island. After its installation, you will need to specify which notifications to monitor so that the application intercepts and formats them in its own way. You’ll also need to choose which apps can generate a notification. The app is compatible with music apps, with timers and other alarms, and even with map apps.

It is also possible customize the appearance of the dynamic island. Vertical position, horizontal location, dimensions of the notification bubble or its roundness. In itself, all these features are already very interesting, but if you want to take the personalization experience even further, do not hesitate to support the developer and get the Pro version. This will allow you, for example, to see DynamicSpot notifications directly from the screen. blocked up. Please note for the more security conscious that although the app requires almost full access to all rights on your device, its developer claims thatno data collected or shared. Jawomo is a recognized member of the XDA Developers community, which is usually a guarantee of reliability.

Font: XDA Developers

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