the executive is thinking of a new track

What path will the government take to approve the pension reform ? In mid-September, during a meeting with journalists, the President of the Republic expressed the wish to complete it from 2023, all in a “spirit of listening” and “commitment”, but also without “taboo” in the background as in the method. He even mentioned the possibility of resorting to “a confrontation if necessary”. Since then, the government had admitted that “all avenues were being studied”, including “under the Social Security Financing Bill” (PLFSS) with an amendment.

The majority is unanimous on the issue, the presidents of the group have also reaffirmed to Elisabeth Borne their desire to reform the pension plan, but cracks have appeared in the method, the MoDem at the head, not being “not in favor of passing it by “. form of reform in the social security financing bill”. An ad hoc bill is also mentioned, as the President of the Government did not rule out on Monday a possible step in force by the Government, recalling that 43-9 it was “one of the tools” available to the executive in the event of “a deadlock situation.”

But according to BFM-TVa third track is now being considered by the government, namely a social security financing reform bill, also called PLFRSS, which would postpone the reform to early 2023. According to sources within the government from our colleagues, (… )

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