The France team falls hard against Canada in the World Cup

The day after their feat against Australia (70-57), the host country and reigning vice world champion, Les Bleues were widely dominated by Canada this Friday in Sydney (59-45) in their second match of the World Cup group stage. Bowl. The qualification in rooms is not compromised, but the warning is serious.

Was it a stroke of fatigue that followed? yesterday’s formidable victory over the Australians (70-57) ? Because the French, less than 24 hours after their feat, were incredibly clumsy against the Canadians who were supposed to be weaker than the Australians. Especially in the first half. Les Bleues, with heavy legs and arms, have joined the locker room with only 17 points scored and catastrophic stats (7/25 shooting including 0/10 3-point shooting).

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Fortunately, the defense was holding and the Canadians weren’t much better in terms of skill, except in the last minute of the first half which allowed them to take a small lead (17-29). Indeed, until then, the Canadians had not taken advantage of the clumsiness of their opponents. For example, Gabby Williamsso brilliant against the Aussies, she didn’t score her first points until thirteen minutes into the game.

In doing so, the Canadians, despite their defensive aggressiveness, began to gain confidence and shoot 3-pointers late in the second quarter and early in the next. Then they took off (34-17) and the French, still without a solution, saw them march to victory.

Alexia Chartereau

“Clumsiness costs us the game”

During downtime, coach Jean-Aimé Toupane asked his players for traffic, movement, not to shoot stopped… Alas, the French will never find their basketball. Marianne Badiane finished 2 of 8 shots like Marine Fauthoux (2/12) when Shay Colley and Nina Fields chained baskets. Les Bleues finished the third quarter with 30-45.

In the last quarter, eight minutes from the siren, Kendra Chéry scored a magnificent three-pointer, as did Alexia Chartereau (35th), but the Canadians’ advantage, despite their numerous turnovers, was too great for the French can really wait. .

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The defeat (59-45) was lucidly analyzed by Alexia Chartereau at the Bein Sport microphone. “The fatigue was there on both sides, that cannot be an excuse…, she reacted. The clumsiness cost us the game, we have to put ourselves in better conditions in attack; it’s up to us to move the ball. It’s in our hands. This day (Friday)we saw our limits, it’s up to us to recover…”

They will have the opportunity to recover on Sunday against Mali (6:30 am French time).

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