the Girondists turned around and pushed Clermont (2-3)

The least that can be said is that the former team of the latter had a complicated first half, leaving too much, in terms of intentions and opportunities, the initiative to the enterprising Girondist while, on the other hand, the game of this CF63 certainly reworked strongly and young. , drowned in a package of inaccuracies and technical waste.

But during those first 45 minutes, the CF63 had a weapon: realism. What allowed Magnin to conclude positively, from the entrance to the area to conclude, the first real offensive movement of his team (1-0, 20th), then Andric benefiting from a perfect service from Massolin, already a passer in the first goal. , to afford 2-0 (41st).

Clermont Realism

But as uninterventionist as it can sometimes be in Ligue 1, the Clermont defense suffered a corner after which, despite a good first parade by Djoco against Mwanga, Maja logically closed the gap (2-1, 45th). And that Mouanga had already taken over the central defense, ten minutes earlier, with a header that had grazed the left post of an impotent Djoco…

Three goals in the first half and another quick one in the second with Gironde leveling after a missed goal by… Nsimba that Bakwa inherited to fool Djoco (2-2, 59′). Behind, on the side of a more hard-working CF63 in relations between its elements, Maurer (60th), Andric (65th), Magnin (80th) tried but could not do better. Neither did Bordeaux, although Djoco had to do his best (82nd). Even a mine under Andric’s bar (90º) offering the victory of realism and efficiency to Clermontois.

“The important thing was obviously the content and there were also guys who needed playing time. I think we saw a lot of good things, either individually or collectively.” The boys took on the game on their own when it was against a team from Ligue 1. They are confident and have realized that they are capable of doing good things”, said David Guion.

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