The idea of ​​shock against long-term unemployment, are the rises in real estate prices over? The ecological flash of the day.

We start with the figure of the day: 6.5%. This is the rise in real estate prices for a year in France. “The market remains solid, although there are signs of a slowdown in prices,” clarifies the National Real Estate Federation in its latest economic report. Decrease due, in particular, to the increase in the cost of credit for borrowers in recent months. To go further, the federation compared sales prices department by department between June 1 and September 1. In 29 departments, including the Loiret and Rhône, average house prices are falling. Results that presents you in the form of a map.

We continue with the surprise of the day. If you got a pay raise in 2021, you might be in for a minor surprise these days. More precisely, as of Monday, September 26, the date of Treasury’s first lien on the bank account of nearly 11 million taxpayers. This bad news concerns the fiscal households that saw their remuneration increased last year and did not declare it, as well as the beneficiaries of a credit advance or a tax reduction higher than what they should have received. And if your outstanding balance exceeds 300 euros, other direct debits will follow at the end of the year. Find all the details on our website.

We continue with the ruling of the day. A few days before the start of the school year, parents of students had the bad (…)

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