the imprint of a third way on the menu of a boiling dinner at the Elysée on Wednesday

The presidential field, divided on how to start the pension reform, meets this Wednesday night at the Elysée Palace to decide the fate of the method, amendment or dedicated text, unless a third dessert way is proposed.

Dinner promises to be lively. This Wednesday, September 27, Emmanuel Macron summoned the tenors of the majority and the Government around a meal to settle the thorny question of the method to adopt to promote his pension reform. The President of the Republic, who preferred the path of amendment, invited Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to dinner, when she returned empty-handed from her consultations with the parliamentary groups, almost all of them hostile to this idea. The final decision.

Interested ministers will gather around the table, such as Bruno Le Maire (Economy), Olivier Dussopt (Labor), or even Franck Riester (Relations with Parliament), as well as the heads of the majority parliamentary groups, Aurore Bergé ( Renaissance), Jean-Paul Mattei (MoDem) and Laurent Marcangeli (Horizons), but also the leaders of the allied parties, Stéphane Séjourné (Renaissance), François Bayrou (MoDem) and Edouard Philippe (Horizons).

Emmanuel Macron, who intends to implement this campaign promise from 2023, had suggested the path of an amendment to the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS).

Fierce opposition to the amendment

Elisabeth Borne, in charge of consulting the deputies of all sides, met with the refusal of almost all the groups, who denounced a “forceful step” if the reform went through an amendment, including the MoDem ally, and the president of the National Assembly, Yaël. Braun-Pivet. “It is a red line against which we will use all parliamentary means,” warned the leader of the Insoumis deputies, Mathilde Panot, on Tuesday.

The MoDem representatives in the National Assembly once again judged the hypothesis of an amendment to be “unthinkable” on Tuesday. But the party “obviously” will not go “until a motion of censure is voted,” said Jean-Paul Mattei. “One cannot be re-elected with the promise to change the method”, based on dialogue and compromise, “and approve the[…]


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