the Insoumi launch a petition and call for a boycott

LFI deputy Alexis Corbière denounces a “pure scandal” and an “ecological aberration”.

The World Cup will be without them. He assures that he will not watch the games and announces that he is launching a petition so that “that a thousand voices be opened, to say that we have seen what Qatar is doing, that they want to use this World Cup as a communication operation“.

it’s pure scandal“, thus affirmed the elected official of Seine-Saint-Denis, evoking the “thousands of workers» dead on construction sites just like him “ecological aberrationof this work”We are not fools. You can love football and hate this World Cup“, he continued.

According to him, the reaction must be collective. First of all, “it is out of the question that there are government officials who go there“. Then yesplayers we love so much» take the floor to mark their opposition, «we will applaud you, we will support you“. Finally the Frenchman, whom Alexis Corbière does not want”fault», are invited to «watch football but with open eyes, an open conscience, awake to this social and democratic ecological scandal“.

A “communication operation”

The deputy assures and hammers it: “It is a communication operation of the Qataris to make people believe that they are an attractive place. We must break their communication operation and say, we have seen it. We may like football, but we are not stupid.»

Invited at the same time in RTLthe government spokesman, Olivier Véran, for his part reacted to these boycott calls that tend to multiply. “I remember that the decision was made ten years ago (…). Mentalities have changed, and much better“, He noticed. Before stating thatif we had to make a decision like this today, we would not give the World Cup to Qatar“. But “what was decided ten years ago by a hundred countries in the world, it is difficult a few weeks from the beginning to say, in reality, that it should not be done.»

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