The LeapMotor T03 electric city car arrives discreetly in Europe

T03 jump engine

The number of brands distributed in Europe continues to grow, especially those that offer electric models. It is the turn of the start-up LeapMotor to land, starting with its city car T03.

Chinese start-up LeapMotor is one of those with the more increased their sales in 2021 and 2022. Until now it had shown little official interest in a launch outside its home market. But it finally arrives in Europe at the end of the year. Unlike the tenors Nio, BYD, Hongqi or Xpeng who have chosen Norway as their first bridgehead, for Leap it will be France. In fact, the start-up has signed an import agreement with the French company EVE (Electric Vehicle Space) based in Toulouse, which is already in charge of the distribution of Seres or DFSK public services in our country. EVE intends to roll out a network of 50 sales and after-sales points before the end of the year in France and to double this number next year.

€20,000 for the T03?

The first model offered will be the T03. A city car 3.62 m long. It has an 80 kW motor and a 41.3 kWh battery. Its autonomy in the WLTP cycle is 280 km. This model is largely the basis of Leap’s success in China.

Urban does not mean naked. While waiting to know the precise equipment in France, we will remember some of its equipment in China: adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistant, semi-automatic parking, 8-inch instrumentation screen, 10-inch screen in the center with virtual assistant , driver’s surveillance camera…

This explains why its price should rather be shown around 20,000 euros… after the deduction of the bonus. The final price will be confirmed in a few weeks.

And then ?

Permanent presence or judgment without follow-up, without a doubt it is the sales that will decide. Subsequently, the Leap brand, however, has enough to enrich the catalog. In addition to its first model, the small S01 coupe, which was not very successful, the brand also sells the C11 very well in China. A 4.75 m long SUV available in 2 or 4 wheel drive (200 or 400 kW) equipped with a 78.5 or 89 kWh battery with ranges of 510 to 610 km in the CTLC cycle (just over 400 to 500 km approximately in WLTP).

the jump sedan C01 not without interest either. Touted as the first electric car with Cell to Chassis type batteries, it claims a range of 707 km in the CLTC cycle (about 600 km in WLTP?).

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