the most beautiful ankle boots for fall 2022

With these autumn shoes we will hear you coming from afar. Perhaps that is why, by the way, the most daring fashionistas have been wearing them for several months. We are talking here about cowboy bootsTHE star footwear trend of thefall-winter 2022-2023. First adopted across the Atlantic in major fashion cities like New York Y the Angelsthis cowboy shoe tends to establish itself more and more quickly in France, in particular in Paris. the last parade ganni in Copenhagen, for example, gave pride of place to these shoes that fashionistas are buying. Recognizable among a thousand for its slightly curved heel, its raised toe box and its solid leather, the cowboy boot is available this season in several models that combine to be more than perfect.

You want to invest in a stylish pair western walk gracefully at the end of the year? Focus on the most beautiful models of the moment, our best tips to show them off well.

The star model of the moment, Emily Ratajkowskiphotographed earlier this year wearing Mango cowboy boots in New York.

Cowboy boots trend: the most beautiful cowboy boots for women of 2022

How are fashionable cowboy boots? To find the answer, head over to Mango. With its Far West collection launched a few weeks ago, it’s impossible to miss the cowboy leather ankle boots. Ultra-sharp with its smooth, shiny leather, two-tone accents, and pointed toe, it goes beautifully with everything. Hyper-pointed with its smooth shiny leather, its two-tone feature and its pointed tip, it goes wonderfully well with slightly small sizea pair of pants burden or a long flowing dress when the weather is good. And for those who can’t stand heels that are too high, these models are only 5 centimeters. More than enough to feel comfortable in there, while wearing a few inches of style.

Two-tone cowboy leather ankle boots

Two-tone cowboy leather ankle boots



Trends in ankle boots fall 2022: the most beautiful cowboy boots for women of 2022

Less obvious to wear, white cowboy boots are no less fashionable. Just take a look at La Redoute’s selections to get an idea. We fell in love with Sacha’s white leather cowboy boots. Completely off-white, they’re equipped with a zipper for easy on and off, a 3-inch heel and a V-shaped height for a modern touch. With jeans, these jeans have everything to enhance the look of an overly classic look.

Black cowboy boot: a flexible and resistant model

For those who want to try the adventure of cowboy boots without being too noticeable, we only have one piece of advice: go for it. black. Timeless color par excellence, black goes with everything, and is the only shade capable of marrying all morphologies. In shoes, black always brings a chic touch, whether it’s on trendy sneakers, notched loafers, leather boots or tall cowboy boots. To go with finesse, we offer you the leather version with decorative stitching by Sacha seen in the La Redoute e-shop. Straight heel, not too pointed toe, elegant but discreet leather… everything you are looking for to dare to go to the latest, without going overboard.

Women’s low cowboy boots: the most beautiful models of autumn.

If above-the-knee and mid-length models aren’t your thing, know that you can opt for low-rise versions. Because if you have to look for an advantage to the cowboy boot, it is its ultra versatile aspect. In this sense, it is easier to carry than you think, since it easily adapts to our tastes, our moods and our needs. Chosen low, cowboy boots can be more original. We are thinking here of bi-material loot Vanessa Wu, barrel with its suede and shiny leather. What we prefer: its elastic closure, which makes it very easy to put on and take off as you like.

Cowboy boots with fringes: how to wear them in autumn winter?

More seventies, we love the boots with fringes For the charm they give to the feet, but also for their particularity of making the fringes flutter gracefully with each one of your steps. With a wide trousersa tank top and a well cut overshirt, you decide. look out of order worthy of fashion models. The variant that we prefer at the moment: the fringed leather ankle boots by Mango. Not too high and not too low, just enough to boost your fashion thermometer.

70s fringed leather ankle boots

70s fringed leather ankle boots



Printed cowboy boots: the most beautiful cowboy boots for women of 2022

For more originality, we recommend the stamped cowboy boots. The trendiest pattern for fall 2022? The animal print. Zebra, leopard, cow… whatever the spots, as long as they add a touch of vitality to your look. This season’s crush on Vanessa Wu’s low-rise, pointed-toe pony-effect cowboy boots have it all to bring out the claws when it comes to style.

Pointed Toe – Women’s Most Stylish Pointed Toe Cowboy Boots

Ideal to combine with a multitude of looks, the boots Pointed toes take to the streets in early fall. If we usually say that the square toe is more contemporary, the pointed one tends to lengthen the legs, which is perfect for short people who want, thanks to a single accessory, to stylize their silhouette. Our fashion tip: adopt these cowboy boots with a flared jeans and a cute crop top. Throw on your shoulders a beautiful houndstooth blazer to juggle BCBG and street trends.

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