the new “booster” option of the €2 package will change periodically, “both its data and its price”

Free Mobile: the new

The new payment option launched for subscribers of the €2 Free Mobile package will be scalable. The data envelope can fluctuate, the price too.

Like the Free Series offering, Free plans to update its new paid option launched last week in its €2 package. “The booster could change periodically, both its data envelope and its price”Xavier Niel told us during a Q&A session at the Free convention last weekend. Between the lines, the operator’s strategy is to respond to the aggressive offers of the competition in small packages. Red by SFR and B&You now offer a 1GB package for €4.99. For its part, Móvil Libre allows through its payment option to have the same provision of data with unlimited calls, at the same price. When the competition shifts gears, the former troublemaker should logically do the same with his reinforcement. It remains to be seen if he will line up or if he will be more aggressive.

Regarding the choice of the paid option, Free considers that “This €2.99 booster is aimed at subscribers, especially younger ones, who are looking for a first plan with data. They are packages that exist in the market and for which we wanted to offer an alternative at a Free price. And an alternative that preserves the freedom of subscribers: that is why it is an option not imposed on a package, always without commitment and without modifying the price of the €2 Package, which remains unchanged.

As for the €10 activation fee for current subscribers who want to subscribe to this booster, the operator now seems to be taking note of the many criticisms flowing on social media.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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