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The major Android Auto 8 update introduced by Google in May 2022 is fast approaching. One of the novelties promised by the Mountain View firm has just appeared. And the least we can say is that Apple CarPlay lags behind in customization.

Android Automotive Polestar
Automotive Android at Polestar

Android-Auto in version 8 it is highly anticipated by all motorists who use the Google interface on a daily basis. At the end of the summer, a “silent” rollout of Android Auto had begun. Nothing new in terms of design, it was a technical update, to prepare the arrival of Android Auto 8. This has not happened yet, but a redditor managed to activate it and show rendering with Spotify and Google Maps as related 9to5Google.

To be able to view the new Android Auto interface on the compatible car radio, the Internet user had to root his phone Then he launched Spotify and Google Mapstwo apps that have been updated to support the new “ passage » of Android Auto 8. As we can see, it is then possible to modify the size of the different applications that are displayed on the screen.

A customizable interface

So Spotify can take up about a third of the screen, or just a sixth. In the first case, it is possible to browse the playlists or start a random play. In the second case, it is possible to easily pause the playing music title, or go to the next and previous ones. In any case, Google Maps remains visible, taking up about two-thirds of the screen, making navigation legible.

It is this customization capability that allows Android Auto to be more “complete” than Apple’s CarPlay solution. However, a statement to qualify, as the next major version of CarPlay, announced this year by Appleplans takes the interface dedicated to cars to another dimension.

Apple CarPlay vs. Android Auto

In any case, we can see that the two Californian giants are working hard to offer a pleasant interface to use. It must be said that the automotive sector is somewhat the no man’s land of the graphical interface. Either You’re there kicked the anthill since he left the Models in 2013, the other manufacturers were slow to catch up.

But the arrival ofAndroid-Automotive it allowed them to make a considerable leap in the interface of the infotainment screens. This is particularly the case for the Recharge Volvo XC40 Electric within that we were able to discover Android Automotive. If you have an old Android tablet, it is also possible to give it a second life turning it into an Android Automotive system for your car.

If you don’t have a recent infotainment system or Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatibility, there are always custom solutions. Here is a promising project: installing Android Automotive on an old Android tablet.
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