the phrases René Angélil threw at Céline Dion finally revealed… And it’s HOT!

This Wednesday, September 21, 2022, viewers of W9 were able to discover documentary The enigma of Celine Dion. The opportunity for fans of the icon to learn more about her. Exclusively, the channel’s journalists dissected her incredible career… But also her private life. During her life, her husband and manager, René Angélil, was constantly by her side to support her in her countless projects.

The opportunity for our colleagues to say more about their beautiful complicity. The artistic agent never left his wife with a sole. And during his concerts, René Angélil could sometimes let loose. As proof in 1999, while the interpreter of “Sous le vent” was performing at the Stade de France, the latter had to stay in the United States due to health problems… But it doesn’t matter!

“I love her madly…”

The duo communicate remotely via monitors. ” Me on stage I have monitors in my ears and then he could talk to me live. He saw the program live at 4:00 in the afternoon. She told me little words of love, I still can’t tell you everything… She told me I love you my love you are super beautiful, you are super good […] I wanted to answer him but I couldn’t let people down. Celine Dion revealed to Daniela Lumbroso.

Obviously, when the star was unable to respond to his other half, they used countless secret codes to keep the conversation going: “If you ever go back to the show and see me doing this, it’s not that I’m scratching my nose, it’s because I’m telling my better half that I love her like crazy.” In 2016, the disappearance of her Pygmalion shook Celine Dion on all levels.

On January 14, on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of his death, the singer published a heartbreaking message on the Web: I’d be lying if I said I’m fine », she commented. Beneath a black photo of her man, we could read: “I think of you at least a hundred times, because in the echo of my voice I hear your words as if you were there… I miss you – Céline xx…”.


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