the price of a pack of cigarettes “will increase like inflation”, announces Elisabeth Borne

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09:32 : It’s 9 o’clock a few minutes ago, this is the point in the news:

• Accused of violence by an ex-girlfriend, EELV deputy Julien Bayou announced that he is resigning his duties as national secretary of the party and the co-presidency of the environmental group in the National Assembly.

• Busy day for the executive. The Government presents three fundamental texts to the Council of Ministers starting at 10:00 a.m.: the 2023 financing bill, the social security financing bill and the “renewable energy acceleration” bill. follow our live.

• Victory of Giorgia Meloni and her Fratelli d’Italia party, who won the italian legislative elections. The right-wing coalition could add 43% of the votes according to the provisional results published by the Italian Ministry of the Interior.

• Les Bleues are playing for their place in the quarterfinals of the Basketball World Cup in Australia. They currently face Japan in their fourth group match. follow the meeting In our life.

09:08 : “The package price will increase like inflation.”

“It would be paradoxical if the rise in cigarettes was lower than inflation, given the impact of tobacco on health”, justified the executive director in BFMTV.

09:06 : “Pensions do not have the virtue of restoring the state budget.”

“The French must be involved in its development”he defended François Bayrou on this reform.

08:58 : 🗣 In case of amendment, will MoDem deputies vote against? ➡️ “They won’t have to vote for it because it would be 49.3”, by François Bayrou. So they will vote for censorship? “Surely not. We’re not going to break the house.” If this option is chosen, “the CNR would be compromised”

09:33 : “I propose, as a citizen, that we can put the reality of the figures on the table”proposes in franceinfo François Bayrou, general secretary of the National Refoundation Council (CNR), hostile to a forced approval of the pension reform. “If we choose this method [l’utilisation du 49.3 pour faire passer la réforme]I think the CNR would be compromised,” he says.

08:44 : And she’s not the only one in a hurry. The mayor of Reims (Marne), Arnaud Robinet, and a member of Edouard Philippe’s Horizons party, believes in france info that there’s not “No more time to waste”.

The mayor of Reims, Arnaud Robinet, a member of Edouard Philippe's Horizons party, January 17, 2020. (FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI / AFP) (FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI / AFP)

08:43 : “With the partners of the majority it is better to discuss in a small commission and that is good: we have a meeting with the President of the Republic and the leaders of the majority”, said Elisabeth Borne on BFMTV. A response to the attention of François Bayrou, who said that he was opposed the resounding approval of the reform.

09:33 : The Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, affirms on BFMTV that the pension reform “has priority”. “With the President of the Republic, we will decide at the end of the week”He said about the way to approve this reform (modification to the Social Security financing bill or ad hoc bill, with the possible use of 49.3).

08:09 : It’s time for our press review. this is the presentation of the budget that occupies the headlines of the newspaper Today in France. “49-3 is not a bad word,” assures the president of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet.

08:05 : bye to tutti. It’s six o’clock, time of the first point of the news:

“We will govern for all” the Italians, assured the leader of the right-wing coalition, Giorgia Meloni, during a brief address to the press last night in Rome. The results of the general elections in Italy place his far-right party, Fratelli d’Italia, in the lead in the general elections (more than 25% of the vote).

• While the finance bill will be introduced from 10 a.m. in the Council of Ministersthe Social Security deficit was divided by three, to 6.8 billion euros for this year.

Five rescuers died last night in the Philippinesduring the passage of typhoon Noru, authorities announced.

• First loss of the season in the Top 14 for La Rochelle, opposite Clermont. Trapped by solid and aggressive Auvergnats, the Charente club lost last night 22-13.

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