the projected deficit will shrink sharply in 2023

the deficit Social security will be significantly reduced in 2023, to 6.8 billion euros compared to the 17.8 billion expected this year, according to the bill for the financing of the social Security, published by the Medical Press Agency and consulted on Sunday, September 25 by AFP. These figures, which cover a broader scope than the general regime of social security funds, nevertheless confirm the spectacular recovery of accounts from the abysmal record of 2020 (almost 39,000 million). Despite the slowdown in increase, the government has more dynamic revenues than expenditures, with contributions driven by inflation and rising wages. The improvement will mainly benefit the health branch, whose losses will be reduced from around 20,000 million in 2022 to 6,500 million in 2023.

A result, however, due in large part to the thawing of the Covid bill, which would go from more than 11,000 million to only 1,000 million next year, although this provision “risks being very insufficient”, according to the opinion of the Council Higher. of public finances, cited in the document. Beyond this term, the deficit in the health branch should continue to shrink at a much more moderate pace, reaching 2.6 billion in 2026. By contrast, the old-age branch should quickly sink again: close to balance this year (- 1.7 billion), should widen its losses to 13.6 billion in 2026.

A balance sheet that takes into account a “marked deterioration” (…)

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