“The strongest episode of the season”, “it goes in all directions”… We explain why you can’t miss love is in the meadow tomorrow night!

If this season 17 of Love is in the air has already given us great moments like the kiss between Thierry and Sylviane Where karaoke night at Jean’sYou are not at the end of your surprises. According to our show experts, the episode of the show hosted by Karine Le Marchand broadcast tomorrow night on M6 from 21.10 is the best since the start of the season. They explain why, so you better be present in front of your small screen tomorrow night (or for the more impatient, go to Salto to see it now).

“The competition is accelerating on the farm”

“It’s only been a very short six weeks since this season started and we can tell you, even without having seen the rest of the season: Monday’s episode will be the strongest of this 17th edition. Whether it’s Jean, Alexandre, Alain or Guillaume le Limousin, we’re entitled to at least one hot streak from each of them. Between great anxieties and intense rivalries, the competition accelerates on the farm. After Thierry last week, Karine Le Marchand will even come to the aid of another heart to take. And to top it off, the spirit of johnny hallyday will take over the show again. I promise though Natalie I will not take the microphone again, explains Clément Rodríguez to set the scene.

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“They are finally taking action”

“After weeks of getting to know each other and setting the stage, the farmers and their suitors are finally taking action. And no need to beat around the bush, it goes both ways! In Limousin, Guillaume will face a great scoopIt will also require a good deal of patience to Alexander the Normanwho will have to assume a very uncomfortable situation in front of his friends, gathered to meet Laura and Anaïg. It’s enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen, but nothing is worth the earthquake that will shake the walls of Jean’s! After your debate (which went unanswered) about the correct type of dough to use for Quiche Lorraine, it is around cooking rice that Nathalie and Laurence will face each other again. Before an outing to the guinguette, this episode not to be missed comes to a close with a final bouquet. something tells us that Pants won’t remember just the “very big room” of dance… Because ? We’ll let you find out this Monday night on M6!” develops Akhillé Aercke.

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“There’s THE kiss”

“Things are speeding up Love is in the air, And this is good ! About the program of this delicious episode that I highly recommend: a rice salad recipe, two starters, a snack and a kiss that will go down in history. After the shortcrust pastry, cooking the rice will be the subject of discussion at Jean’s. Laurence and Nathalie, our two stars of the season, once again disagree. And Nathalie, although tired of singing too much at karaoke night, she won’t let it go! In Alexandre, things get complicated. If the farmer thought that he was having an idyllic stay with his suitors, he will quickly realize that it is not so easy to live with two young people of very different character. And then there’s THE kiss. But it is not counted, it is seen! So be in front of your screen on Monday. Especially since you will also find out who finally “saved” this famous rice” concludes Valentine Mainault.

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