the unpleasant surprise of a couple on their return from vacation

Since August 3, for Virginie and Djamel, it has been the most complete misunderstanding. That day, the couple, originally from Rantigny, a small town on the Oise, received a call from an account manager at Bouygues-Telecom Enterprises, which manages both lines of his struggling small child care business.

“We received a call to warn us of an excess of plan by phone of my husband”, says Virginie to the picard mail, this Monday, September 26. And he continues: “Since Djamel is deaf and dumb, I told him that he couldn’t. He replied that it was due to internet consumption. I thought he was going to tell me 300 or 500 euros, but he said it was for 8,000 euros without tax.” It’s a cold shower for the couple who discover a total bill of 12,516.69 euros, when they normally pay 139.90 euros a month for its two lines.

“I don’t understand how it is possible to reach such a sum without blocking the package. Why didn’t they call us before, before reaching the thousands of euros?” Virginia wonders. Contacted by our colleagues, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises confirms that the invoice “contains no errors: it corresponds to the price of communications made in accordance with the packages and options subscribed”.

The group specifies that the company of Virginie and Djamel “had contracted an option that allowed it to benefit from advantageous prices until (…)

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