“They missed it, break their mouths well”, when Diallo mocked Hamraoui after the attack

As part of the investigation of the Hamraoui-Diallo affair, the Journal du Dimanche reports on exchanges between the former PSG midfielder, suspected of sponsoring the attack, and a young colleague of Kheira Hamraoui.

But what role did Aminata Diallo play in the attack on Kheira Hamraoui on the night of November 4, 2021 in Chatou? After five days in preventive detention, the midfielder was released under judicial control on Wednesday night. Prosecuted for “aggravated violence” and “conspiracy to commit a crime”, she is suspected of being the author of the attack against her ex-partner at PSG. As such, the researchers are very interested in her personality.

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“Is she dead?”

Wiretapping and the sound system in her apartment allowed a conversation between the 27-year-old player and a young teammate to be intercepted. In this exchange dating from May, seven months after the Kheira Hamraoui attack, Aminata Diallo is really not kind to her rival: “She said victim of aggression, we don’t care about the balls, what the fuck do we care about,” reports the JDD this Sunday. And Diallo to continue: “Is she dead? She had nothing, brother, she was not even a day in the hospital. They missed her, they beat her, she deserved it.”

Intriguing conversations with a young woman.

Additionally, over the course of the investigations, investigators noted that Aminata Diallo “regularly spoke on the phone with a young woman identified during the investigation as Illyana B.” During the conversations it was learned that the former PSG player “seemed to have entered into a romantic relationship with her interlocutor.”

But several details caught “through the wires the attention of investigators.” The tone used by Aminata Diallo seemed “more serious than usual”. Investigators discovered “then to their surprise that Aminata Diallo was actually experiencing a virtual intimate relationship posing as her interlocutor as a male individual named Bilel.” In the course of the exchanges, the researchers believe that she has a “split personality and that this relationship could not be similar to the exercise of a simple fantasy”.

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