This awesome MMO is cheaper than a stamp during the Steam sale

At the moment, a new period of sales dresses the Steam online store. Called “Les Bastonnades”, it gives pride of place to action games with very naughty gameplay. In the lot, an MMO that coincidentally begins to have the bottle, but that nevertheless remains in the upper average of the genre on a visual levelwith a combat that has rarely been so impressive in an MMORPG.

Black Desert Online for €0.99

It’s made good Black Desert Online come a long way, from its dream-sending closed betas, promising wildly rewarding PvP and a universe of confusing beauty. It was only when it arrived on the Old Continent that the entire “sandbox” aspect of the MMO was scratched, to make way for something definitely more conventional, although it still has a few aces up its sleeve. Like its action gameplay, as we said, that still benefits from some careful animations and a good potato. On the content side, upgrading villages and trade routes can get really addictive, but there is a little “mobile game” side that might leave some players off. In any case, at this price, there is a way to motivate a few friends to go over and clear your leveling phase, which is particularly nice.

  • Buy Black Desert Online for €0.99 on Steam

Watch out for the endgame grind

Those who have spent hundreds of hours on the BDO servers will tell you that once your character is maxed out, the game gets into a bit of a rut and this can put many off. : the routine is constant and frankly uninteresting. There is still some good left in the Pearl Abyss production, but be aware that you could tire of the formula quickly after its campaign. Finally, keep in mind that the game is regularly on sale, it was even offered for free for a limited period two years ago.. But, from memory, it’s never been offered at such a low price, so this is probably the best time to give it a try if you had your eye on it.

Since the second phase of the beta of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 starts at 7:00 p.m. heure française pour toutes celles et ceux qui ont precommandé le jeu, il semblerait qu’Infinity Ward ait décidé d’améliorer celle-ci en amenant une update.

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