This is how the production approaches the international celebrities who participate in the TF1 program

To put a shine on “the biggest television poll in France”, mask singer strives every year to find the perfect combination of ingredients to surprise viewers. For three seasons, the production of the program broadcast by TF1 episodically receives international celebrities, well hidden under masks, as the concept wants. And this season 4 is no exception to the tradition, for fun. jurors as spectators.

the actresses Itziar Ituno ( money theft) Y Teri Hatcher ( Desperate housewives), the singer Stamp and the actor David Hasselhoff (Baywatch) blended into the skin of a ballerina, a ladybug, a cowboy, and a cobra. The cat will join the tight-knit club of planetary stars who performed at the French show as his performance and identity will be revealed tonight.

Always unexpected, the presence of these personalities questions as much as it surprises. How does the production recruit them, how is their costume design and rehearsals organized? 20 Minutes she explains.


The selection process for international stars is carried out in parallel with the casting of French-speaking personalities. The show’s teams first try to determine which personalities would look good in the guise of a mad animal.

The criteria used in the choice of equipment and above all to find celebrities known by the largest number. “We try to find icons that speak of the best world because mask singer it is a family program, the personalities must be recognized by both the children and their parents”, explains Anthony Meunier, the producer of the program.

The main objective of the first selection is to target iconic personalities that have marked several generations. “We really tried to create the most general “wow” effect possible during the unmasking. »

Few negatives

He is then a correspondent for the program based in the Angels and in contact with many star agents who takes over. “When we send out the list of stars we want, it’s pretty specific, we usually know precisely who we want,” explains Anthony Meunier, admitting that there have already been some refusals, mainly when the star’s schedule doesn’t match that. of the recording of the program.

The survey revolves around a central question: are celebrities motivated to put on a show under a mask? “They have to want to put on a show and please the audience. »

The producer assures that the majority of international stars contacted to participate in the French edition of mask singer are already familiar with the program, which exists in more than 56 countries.

Two or three months of preparation.

Once the celebrity has arrived, a long process of work begins with the teams of the program broadcast on TF1. The production and the international star collaborate for about two or three months before filming.

“We organized several videoconferences to have the measurements of the star for the making of the suit but also to launch the choice and the work around the song”, explains the producer. The contacts are then multiplied until the recording to fine-tune the service as best as possible. As for the costumes, in France a lining with the same measurements as the character is selected so that the star can enter her light suit and remain anonymous in front of the cameras.

Selected celebrities then fly out to spend two or three days in Paris for on-set rehearsals and the recording of the show. Only Teri Hatcher wanted to stay in France for a week to invent a performance with onions. As for the French personalities hidden behind the masks, everything is organized to preserve the mystery of the identity of the participants.

amazing personalities

The arrival of these celebrities in the particular context offered mask singer It is usually conducive to unusual moments, demonstrating the commitment of the stars to the program.

“Teri Hatcher was an incredible worker. When I was already in Paris and rehearsing in his hotel with the show’s choreographer, he called me one day at 11:30 p.m. at the end of a shoot to ask me if he could come to rehearse on the set when it wasn’t scheduled “, rewinds Anthony Meunier. Concealed under a black sweatshirt and opaque visor, the actress known for her role in Desperate housewives will offer an extra hour of rehearsal for the ladybug to come to life in the most masterful way.

More recently he is the comedian revealed in K2000David Hasselhof, who demonstrated the unpredictability of the international stars who step on the stage of mask singer. While he was going to interpret another title, the producer listens to him humming My way of Frank Sinatra in the car that takes him to the studio. The actor’s voice fits the title well, and Anthony Meunier lets him know. David Hasselhof then decides to change tracks and opts for this classic which is also his wife’s favorite song. “We had to create a new set in just two days,” recalls the producer.

Proof that each international star is a new adventure for their teams. The production insists in any case on saying that “it is always a pleasure for these personalities to come and participate in shows in France because they love our country! »

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