Those who heat themselves with firewood will benefit from financial aid

As winter approaches, the more than 7 million French people who use wood to heat themselves will receive help subsidize this renewable energy. A boost that could reach 200 euros, as indicated by the President of the Government, Elizabeth Borne, who was the guest of BFMTV, Monday, September 26. “Nobody would understand that we help those who heat with fossil fuels and not those who use wood,” he said.

“We can ask ourselves and we will watch carefully why the cost of wood is skyrocketing. Wood can be produced on our territory and we have forests in France. It is important to see if some are not taking advantage of the crisis to drastically increase prices,” he continued. The terms and conditions for granting aid will be announced soon.

This announcement comes as, since June, timber prices have skyrocketed 20%, reinforced by a strong increase in demand. Despite the risk of shortages weighing on the sector, the Ministry for Ecological Transition has wanted to be reassuring in recent days by believing that there is no risk of shortages of wood pellets in the short term. “The Government is acting to respond to the availability of pellets in the short and long term and to financially support the French who are suffering from the rise in prices.”

In total, “nearly 7 million homes are heated with wood,” according to figures communicated by the French Environment and Control Agency (…)

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