To be seen at this year’s Leisure Vehicle Show: our video!

The Le Bourget motorhome show opens its doors on Saturday September 24, 2022 for one week (until Sunday evening October 2). And this year again, you can discover very nice things there… Motorhomes, vans and vans, for all budgets: from the basic level to the super luxury. Among these models, the new 2023 models, often presented in preview.

It is a tradition: one more year, we walked the corridors of the Leisure Vehicles fair as soon as it was inaugurated. The images that we bring are particularly desirable: this edition of the fair promises!

The 2023 motorhomes are at the fair

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The Leisure Vehicle Show is a unique event to discover all the new ranges of motorhome manufacturers. Therefore, we find at the fair all the trends of the year: models in new vehicles (vans and low profiles in Ford, in particular), but also the over-equipped ranges launched by a growing number of manufacturers.

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vans and vans

The Leisure Vehicles Show at the Bourget Fairgrounds

The compact ones are on the rise: they obviously occupy a privileged place among the leisure vehicles exhibited at the fair. The liftable minivans are represented in all their diversity (with fixed or removable layout, on short or long chassis), and of course also the large vans. You will find, therefore, all the distributions of the moment: transverse bed or rear twin beds, lifting bed in the maxi garage, with or without lifting roof…

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Top of the range, even luxury: they are also there

The complete truck, or even the liner on a truck chassis… These premium vehicles are also well represented at the fair and accessible to visitors. Some specialized brands are among the exhibitors. And mainstream manufacturers also offer higher-end vehicles, particularly more affordable 3.5-tonne integrals.

Complements, associations, tour operators…

The Cap Latitude stand at the Leisure Vehicle Show
The Cap Latitude stand at the Leisure Vehicle Show

At the fair there are not only vehicles. Also find all the useful equipment for the practice of the motorhome. From the trailer to the dishes, from the TV antenna to the GPS: an entire room is dedicated to accessories. Credit organizations, rental platforms between individuals, are also present to advise you. They all offer solutions to finance or make your motorhome profitable. Finally, travel organizers and associations are there and ready to introduce you to their activities: group or individual tours for some, rallies and militant action for others.

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