Tom Hardy returns to an incognito BJJ competition

BJJ – Tom Hardy is a man of many talents. Nearly Oscar-winning actor, he returned to a BJJ competition in which he participated incognito.

We recently told you about exploits of Tom Hardy in the world of jiu-jitsu. In fact, the Briton is not just a distinguished actor. he is too Passionate about contact sports and especially BJJ. It was in 2011 that the actor fell in love with the sport while preparing a wrestling role for the movies. While he could have moved on to the next role for him, Hardy never stopped training in the discipline. This time, it was in incognito mode that he signed up for a competition in which no one expected him. The continuation, is the story of a near Oscar-winning actor who returns to a BJJ competition.

Anonymous arrived, champion leaves

Is he “guardianwhich shares Tom Hardy’s account. Also, the 45-year-old actor entered the competition with his first name “Edwards.” he was then impossible for the organizers and participants to know that a real star would be present that day. The participants were literally stunned when they saw Hardy land on the tatami. And everyone agrees that the latter is humble, but formidable on the tatami. “Everyone recognized him, but he was very humble and very happy to take time to take pictures with people. It was a real pleasure having him compete with our event. » Says one of the organizers. The pleasure was obviously shared by Tom Hardy, since he leaves with the gold medal at the end of the “2022 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open Championship” September, 17th


Opponents “shocked”

Of course, Hardy’s opponents were also very surprised by the actor’s presence. One of them, Danny Appleby, is full of praise. He declares: “I was in shock. Hardy told me, ‘forget it’s me and do what you normally would do.’ He’s a very strong guy, he doesn’t look like a celebrity.. I’ve done something like six tournaments and I’ve always been on the podium. But he’s probably the toughest opponent i’ve ever met. She lived up to her Bane character, that’s for sure. » in reference to the big bad in the movie “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” released in 2012.

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