Toulouse overtakes Racing 92 and takes the lead in the Top 14

The game: 37-10

Winners at home against a Racing 92 handicapped by numerous injuries (Fickou, Le Roux, Grace, Chavancy, Wade, etc.), the Toulouses proved irresistible at the end of the match in a sold-out Ernest-Wallon stadium, but they had to wait for the 23rd minute, by numerical superiority, to score his first strong try from Manu Meafou in a combination five meters from the Ile-de-France in-goal with Antoine Dupont as a decoy. Previously, they had multiplied the assaults – at least six – without being able to penetrate the defense.

Thanks to an inspiration from their starter Thomas Ramos, author of a shot to follow towards the left wing, and a mistake from Racingmen Donovan Taofifenua, the Satde Toulousain players scored their second attempt, by Matthis Lebel (32nd) and then won 17-0. We thought that what followed would be a lonely runner as the Ile-de-France neighbors seemed so lazy, but the reaction of Wenceslas Lauret’s teammates was withering and, after a great action, it was this same Donovan Taofifenua who scored in the corner ( 39).

Around the break (17-7), the Racingmen made up for part of the delay thanks to a goal from Finn Russell (42nd, 17-10) but too clumsy, counteracted on the ground, not very sharp, they saw Toulouse move outside, Thomas Ramos adding two goals (47th, 64th). Then, in a climactic moment in the Ile-de-France region, Italian international winger Ange Capuozzo intercepted a pass that was a bit too wide, too soft, and planted a stab in the back of Racing 92 with a lightning essay ( 66, 30-10) that put his team out of reach.

The offensive plus is the international center Sofiane Guitoune who went to look for him after an accurate combination, full center, that pierced the amorphous defense of Ile-de-France. With the easy transformation of Thomas Ramos -scorer of seventeen points to the foot-, Stade Toulousain momentarily passes Montpellier at the top of the table to benefit from the difference in points. Waiting for the result of the Clermont-La Rochelle, Sunday (9:05 p.m.), which will close this fourth day.


The point difference in goal average between Toulouse and Montpellier, which allows Toulouse to occupy the first place in the standings.

The player: a stab that Ange Capuozzo signed

Recruited in the offseason from Grenoble, Italian three-quarter international flanker Ange Capuozzo (23 years old, 5 caps since 2022) stirred up spirits at Ernest-Wallon on Saturday. He signed a frame-overflow on his vis-à-vis in a pocket square in front of the touchline, multiplied the confusing hooks and finally released an interception (66th) and a try between posts after a twenty-meter run that sealed marker. victory of his people.

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